Child Protection Training in Highland
Who should attend what training?
Download our training leaflet or read the following information for further details

In line with the National Framework for Child Protection Learning and Development 2012, practitioners should undertake training as follows:

General Contact Workforce - anyone who has any contact with children, young people and/or family members should attend a minimum of one child protection training course in each 3 year period. This can include:
  • An Introduction to Child Protection

The Specific Contact Workforce is classed as those who carry out direct work with children, young people and/or family members.

Staff in this group do not have to attend the Introductory course (although this is an option) and it is recommended the following courses are undertaken during a 3 year period:
  • Identifying and Sharing Concerns
  • The Highland Practice Model
  • Getting Our Priorities Right: Children Affected by Parental Substance Misuse

The Intensive Contact Workforce have specific responsibilities for child protection issues as part of their role. This includes Named Persons/Lead Professionals. It is recommended that practitioners and managers in this group attend the new course:
  • Working Towards Positive Outcomes - Using the Assessment Framework (please note, it is expected that participants will have already attended 'The Highland Practice Model' course.
Further details on all courses and application processes can be obtained from or 01463 703541.
Unless otherwise stated, please complete and return application forms to

Effective child protection work depends not only on our procedures but also on the skills and knowledge of our staff. This includes staff working directly with children and those working with their parents and families. Highland Child Protection Committee is fully committed to ensuring staff have access to the appropriate levels of training for them to carry out their roles and responsibilities effectively.

We would recommend that anyone who has contact with children and families, no matter how minimal, should keep their child protection knowledge up-to-date and attend child protection training at least once every 3 years.

The Chid Protection Committee endeavours to provide accessible and effective training for all staff working in Highland services. All aspects of child protection training and development in Highland will be based on the following principles:

1. Child Centred – incorporating and promoting children’s rights and needs and ensuring that their welfare is paramount.

2. Partnership with Parents/Carers – promoting partnership and recognising families’ strengths in responding to the needs of their children.

3. Inclusion – respect for diversity and inclusive of the wide range of individuals and organisations that have responsibilities for protecting and promoting the wellbeing of all children.

4. Inter-Agency Collaboration – placing value on people working collaboratively, bringing people together in ways which mirror the diversity of practice networks engaged with children and their families.

If you have any questions about our Training courses, please do not hesitate to contact us or speak to your agency training representative.