Information for Employers

It is Everyone's job to make sure that children are safe. Professionals who work with children and young people on a daily basis are best placed to spot vulnerability and to help children and their families to access support to address their needs. This early intervention could reduce the chances of the child(ren) becoming at serious risk of physical, emotional or developmental harm.

All employers should consider whether their service delivery and staff have an impact on children, whether directly or indirectly. The following kinds of service are advised to put in place an organisational child protection policy:
  • Organisations delivering services directly to children and families e.g. child care, teaching, coaching & tutoring, youth work, children's entertainment, etc.
  • Organisations delivering services in premises where there are children present e.g. maintenance, catering, janitorial staff, etc.
  • Organisations working directly with adults who are parents or carers of children or who have regular contact with children.
Highland CPC produces Child Protection Guidance for Community Groups, which may also be helpful to non-statutory employers. It can be found in the Resources section on