Information for Children

We realise that the style of this page is not very exciting but it makes the information easier to access for children who may have a disability.  This page contains many links to information on other websites.

What is child abuse?

Child abuse is when another person puts you at serious risk of long-term harm. Harm can come in many forms:
  • Not being kept safe by the people who look after you.
  • Being hit or beaten.
  • Being very frightened - maybe someone has threatened to hurt you or someone you love. Maybe you have seen bad things happening to your family or friends.
  • Living with violence at home.
  • Being bullied, in person or over the internet or mobile phone.
  • Not getting enough to eat.
  • Not having warm enough clothes.
  • Living with someone who often gets drunk or who uses drugs.
  • Being made to watch 'Adult Only' films, have sex or being touched in ways that make you feel embarrassed or frightened.
  • Being made to do jobs that only grown-ups should do.
 If you are being abused, or you know someone who is, there are people you can talk to and who can help:
  • Talk to a trusted adult - this might be a teacher at your school, the school nurse, a children's support worker, social worker, police officer or youth worker. It could also be a relative, a neighbour or someone who runs a local children's club e.g. Guides/Scouts, Shinty, etc.
  • Call Childline on 0800 1111 or visit
Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is illegal in the UK. There is a new app to tell you more.

Attending a Children's Hearing

If you are invited to attend a Children's Hearing you can find information on what this involves here.