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June 2014 - National FGM Resource for Schools
May 2014 - National Guidance for Child Protection in Scotland 2014
January 2014 - Launch of Free-Phone Child Protection Line - 08000 938 100.
October 2013 - For Highland's Children 4 (See icon in left-hand margin of this page)

An updated version of the Highland Practice Model and its appendices can be found in the Practice Guidance Section 
The following can be found in the Child Protection Publications Section
- An updated version of the inter-agency Child Protection Guidance - October 2013
- New National Guidance on Child Trafficking - October 2013
- A standardised Safer Highland protocol for Serious Case Reviews - August 2013
- Updated National Child Protection Guidance for Health Professionals - January 2013


In Highland we are committed to improving services and outcomes for children and their families. To achieve this, we know that everyone involved with children and young people need to work together.

Everyone working with children across Highland uses the Highland Practice Model.  This means that every child has a Named Person. Children who have additional needs that require a plan involving more than one service have a Lead Professional.

Highland Council is the lead agency for the delivery of children’s services.  This model brings together the management of children’s health services, social care and education. 

All agencies that support children collaborate to achieve our vision that:
All Highlands Children have the best possible start in life; enjoy being young; and are supported to develop as confident, capable and resilient, to fully maximise their potential.

This is reflected in the Integrated Children’s Plan, ‘For Highland’s Children 4’
The plan incorporates and builds upon outcomes identified within existing policy commitments of Highland Council, and on the Performance Management Framework developed as part of the partnership agreement which established Highland Council as the Lead Agency for delivering services to children in April 2012.
The plan identifies outcomes for children and their families and improvement priorities for the next five years.
The plan outlines an improvement framework which details how services in Highland will be maintained, strengthened and developed to ensure that all of Highland’s children are:

  • Safe

  • Healthy

  • Achieving

  • Nurtured

  • Active

  • Respected and responsible

  • Included

The achievement of better outcomes for Highlands’s children, their families and the communities in which they live is the overarching objective for children’s services.The outcomes developed within For Highland's Children 4 are  designed to consider the ways in which;

  • Children and young people receive the help and support they need to optimise their well-being at every stage.

  • Children and young people get the best start in life and enjoy positive, rewarding experiences growing up.

  • Children and young people benefit from clear protocols, procedures and effective systems for recording observations and concerns which take account of best practice in information-sharing.